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Why I stopped and don't drink Coffee

A number of folks have posed this question to me in the past weeks.  So I decided to write my thoughts and explanation down as a means of sharing my decision and others will determine for themselves if it makes sense for their life.

Don’t miss understand me, I love the smell of fresh coffee beans.  The Coffee beans have a very unique and strong sense.  I have for many years indulged in drinking coffee in various forms, Black, with milk, as expresso or the most frequent as a Latte.  In the research literature, Coffee received many good marks from various sources.  Coffee is made from beans and as such it is a neutral plant based source, Reading posts from Authority Nutrition one would be encouraged to had directly to the local coffee shop to get your daily dosage of coffee.  I used to think in the same way, and I too would start my mornings with a Latte as I needed the energy and boost that I received from my drink.  Little did I know that I was getting more and more addicted to a habit of drinking coffee.  By thinking about the topic further I realized that it was the additives that were affecting me along with the coffee.  I also realized that every time I needed a break I was reaching out for a coffee (Latte) drink full of milk or steamed milk, to the point that I was getting headaches from consuming too much coffee and consuming too many calories that were not very nutritious and not needed.  Furthermore, whenever I fasted from eating foods, I realized how addicted I have become to coffee since every fast was joined with a major headache that only came from not feeding my body and brain with caffeine.  If you don’t believe me, try to stop drinking coffee for a 24hour period and see how you feel.  The fact that I needed to go through a withal to stop the headaches tells me that not everything is great about coffee.  Furthermore, I started to add up all the money I was spending on getting coffee beans for my home machine along with the costs of having coffee drink at the local shops.  I realized that I could save thousands of dollars per year by stopping the coffee addiction.  I truly believe that we as a society have become very addicted both the substance and be the repeated habit of reaching out to this beverage.  I don’t need coffee, I don’t miss the headache, I don’t miss not spending money at local hangouts.  And I don’t miss spending on a post meal Coffee when going out with friends to eating meals at restaurants.  I have learned that coffee is one of the many habits that we as human being have become addicted due to society pressure or habits that we turn to when we are stressed or need a break.  There are so many different, healthier alternatives to coffee that are not addictive and provide similar or ever more benefits.  One of these alternatives is a product called Chaga, it is a mushroom extract and can be used as an instant drink.  (

This “black gold” that grows on birch trees has been the most sought-after mushroom in Northern cultures for ages. Chaga mushroom is one of the highest sources of antioxidants in the nature and it helps you keep a bulletproof immunity to stay healthy.

More information about Chaga can be found in the following link:

Another alternative which is much cheaper, which my wife Wendy, taught me is plain hot water with a lemon or if one needs more taste try tea.  The Hot water needs to be consumed slowly as it is hot and the lemon addition provides a very smoothing taste.  This alternative is not only cheaper but is healthier and not addicting at all!!

I encourage everybody to move away from Coffee, it does have some benefits but the addicting side effects are more detrimental then the benefits.  There are so many healthier alternatives that we don’t need to stay with this old habit.



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